The current tax status quo as the biggest barrier to the country’s ability to increase our global competitiveness and to attract investment to Canada.

Canada’s corporate tax structure no longer has the ability to compete with the U.S., and foreign investment is leaving Canada at an alarming rate – with $100 billion in outflows in 2018. This compounded by the increase of personal taxes in the highest income bracket and the loss of global talent.

The need for tax reform cannot be overstated, and it must be more than just tinkering with tax credits or lowering a tax bracket. It requires a comprehensive, in-depth restructuring of corporate, small business and personal taxes that addresses both the state of the global economy and the realities of employment and the needs of Canadian society.

I encourage you to click through the links below to see what I have been doing as the Member of Parliament to ensure this important federal priority is heard in the riding and in Ottawa.