The foundation of democracy relies upon an informed and engaged electorate. Democracy only works when we are willing and able to communicate ideas and vision for where we want our country to go. It is about hearing ideas we agree with, ideas we do not agree with, and ideas we have not even thought of yet.


I have been door-to-door in our community over the past couple years and it surprised me to hear some people say that they do not value the Federal Government because they feel that they have no role in our democracy. I fear that if everyone believed this statement to be true, then democracy would cease to exist in Canada.


Democracy requires interaction and communication between citizens and their elected representatives. This communication can be a phone call, a letter or an email, but the most significant means of communication is to be able to voice your perspective while also listening to the perspectives of not only your Member of Parliament but also other citizens in your community. The best way to engage in democracy is through a town hall.

Town halls go beyond partisan politics. They are a forum for citizens, of all perspectives, to have the courage to invest in the shaping of a nation. The power of democracy is in the engaged discussion. It is about being heard, listening, and working together, regardless of political stripes, to achieve something bigger.


That’s the piece of democracy that is at risk of being lost, and that is why I am asking you to participate in our democracy, contribute your ideas, listen to your fellow citizens, and attend a town hall.

Join me as we listen, engage, and envision what our country can become. I would like to invite you to the next Town Hall I am hosting: “Exchanging Ideas with Your Member of Parliament.” I am hosting the same event on two different dates and I look forward to seeing you at one of the town halls.

Details below:


Exchanging Ideas with Your MP – Town Hall

Saturday March 24, 2018
Aurora High School – 155 Wellington St W, Aurora
1:00pm to 3:00 pm

Saturday April 7, 2018
Richmond Green Secondary School – 1 William F. Bell Pkwy, Richmond Hill
1:00pm to 3:00pm


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