February 8, 2019


NEWMARKET, ON – Leona Alleslev, Member of Parliament for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill hosted a roundtable today to discuss the state of Canada’s tax structure, trade relationships, and ability to compete in the global market. Local dignitaries from provincial, regional and municipal government, as well as local business owners were invited to join MP Alleslev to provide their input on this topic.

“The world has changed dramatically in the last three years. We are seeing fundamental shifts in the global economy. Trade relationships and international agreements are not benefitting Canada, resulting in more and more investment leaving Canada” said Alleslev, who hosted the roundtable at the Regional Municipality of York offices. “Canada is not open for business”.

Canada’s economic security faces threat. Large amounts of capital investment is leaving Canada, while tax structures, federal infrastructure problems and politics prevent us from getting goods to market, deter companies from expanding and undermine Canada’s competitiveness. This Liberal Government has signed a trade deal that fails to guarantee stability and constrains our sovereignty, while failing to address punishing national security tariffs on steel and aluminum and imposing regulations that cripple Canada’s ability to build pipelines. The resulting job losses at Bombardier and General Motors, and the crisis in Alberta’s energy sector, are recent examples of what’s becoming a dangerous trend.

“Many of my constituents have expressed their concern with the state of our economy and Canada’s ability to compete in the global market,” said Alleslev. “The public sentiment is that we have both a personal and corporate Canadian tax system that is neither fair nor balanced, while we are experiencing challenges in our international trade relations, loss of foreign capital, punitive national security tariffs and an expected $31 billion deficit that risks increased taxes to Canadians in the future. Our economic security is dependent upon a government that defines the right priorities and strong federal leadership that delivers on them.”

MP Alleslev will continue this conversation at an upcoming Town Hall on Taxes, Tariffs and Trade on Sunday February 24th 2019 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm at the Aurora Public Library. This Town Hall is open to the public and MP Alleslev welcomes all to attend. More details and registration for the Town Hall can be found at www.leonaalleslevmp.ca/events/


Click the link below to view MP Alleslev’s presentation on this topic.

Taxes Trade Canada’s Competitiveness_v3 Roundtable Feb 8 2019