After being elected in 2015, Leona was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement. Leona later served on the National Defence Committee, Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee, the Citizenship and Immigration Committee, and was Chair of the Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association. In 2018, Leona was appointed Shadow Cabinet Minister for Global Security.

In November 2019, Leona was appointed as Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition and shortly after named Shadow Cabinet Minister for Foreign Affairs. She currently serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Special Committee on Canada-China relations. She is also a member of the Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association. In the summer of 2020, Leona stepped down as Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition.




Leona’s grandfather was a part of the Danish underground resistance in the Second World War, while her father was a Major-General in the Canadian Air Force. Leona grew up on military bases and went on to enroll in the Royal Military College of Canada in 1987. She earned a Bachelors of Arts, with Honours, in History and Political Science. She then received her Queen’s Commission to serve as an Air Force Logistics Officer.



In the years following her military service, Leona worked as a civilian in senior management roles in development of the Military Aerospace engineering service and support of aircraft fleets. Later working with IBM in the management and implementation of complex systems as well as SAP and other software systems. Leona later joined Bombardier Aerospace in Downsview and worked as an industrialization manager in support of the Global Express Aircraft production. She also served on the Aerospace Industry Association of Canada, the Ontario Aerospace Council, and the Women in Aerospace Association. Leona published a manual entitled A Holistic Approach to Aircraft Assembly under SAE Aerospace. In recognition of their innovative work at Bombardier, Leona and her team were awarded the Bombardier Annual Accomplishment Award.